Not Ready for Primetime: The Ballad of Georgia Tech

Picture this: you’re a kid waiting in line to see Santa Claus at the mall for the first time. This is the first time you’ve gotten a chance to see Santa because he just started coming to your mall last year. You didn’t go last year because you didn’t think he’d be there long. Then all your friends show you the cool pictures and tell you stories about how cool it was to see Santa demolish Mississippi State in the Orange Bowl. So, you decide that next year is the year to go see Santa Claus. You’re getting all worked up because Santa is supposed to be even better this year. Then, the day finally comes for you to meet Santa, only you come to find out that mall Santa has been mugged by an Irish gang and left for dead in North Carolina. 

Santa won’t be coming to the mall this year. 

By now, you’ve figured out that Georgia Tech is Santa Claus. But, not the real Santa Claus, mind you; they are the one-month temp Santa Claus with the lame fake beard and the questionable employment history. 

Georgia Tech was a sexy pick to have an outside shot at the playoff back in August–I say that earnestly and not ironically. Now, Tech has skidded for the past three weeks. They have again gone 0-Carolina and this year they threw a loss to Notre Dame in to sweeten the pot. The Jackets needed the stars to align to win the Coastal last year, and now they need that same luck. The problem is: as inexplicable as Tech’s losses to Carolina and Duke were last year, this year they look worse and cannot execute. Additionally, I think the defense is worse, if that’s possible. 

Georgia Tech has gone from arguable ACC favorite to joke in less than a month. The reasons are surely complex, however, the main one is simply that Georgia Tech is the worst team I have ever seen as the favorite. As bad as they are, they’re even worse when on the cusp of national relevance. Paul Johnson now has to get his team to run the table against Clemson, FSU, and Georgia in order to be in the New Year’s Six bowl conversation. Additionally, Tech is unmoored and has no control over its future. 

At this point, I don’t see Georgia Tech arresting the skid soon. What started as a daunting October has now become apparently insurmountable. As a Tech fan, the most you can hope for is being in the hunt for the conference, but several tough games lie ahead, namely Clemson. 

Hang on tight, Jackets. It might be the year to start upsetting the Tigers at home again. 


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