Sprint Option: Week 4

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Holy Moses, what a weekend! The end of the Florida-Tennessee game has been nominated for next year’s Emmys. That was some compelling theater. This weekend was very interesting, and shocking in some places. 

Let’s get to the option.

Tennessee gets back broken by Butch and late Florida coherence…

I attended this game. It was very stressful up to the end. The Gators took the lead on a miraculous 4th and Texas touchdown catch and run play. Tennessee had a minute and a half to drive to field goal range to win. They nearly did. Earlier In the game, Butch Jones elected not to go for two to put the Vols up 14. He was comfortable with 13, and he had reason to be. Florida was inept all night. Two scores with 10 minutes to play is comfortable. Still, his coaching mistake and woeful drive management spelled doom for the Vols. And they still had a chance to win! I think Jones is the guy for the Vols, but I’m not sure UT fans are willing to wait it out. 

Oregon gets stomped back into irrelevance by an underrated Utah team…

Utah killed Oregon. This is the worst home loss the Ducks have ever suffered. Think about that. Go back 10 years and look at how terrible Oregon was, and THIS was the worst beating they’ve ever received. Utah and UCLA are the class of the PAC this year. That’s going to be an interesting ball game–one I think Utah could win. However, Oregon is now out of the polls after being trounced. I think a conference win puts them back in, but they no longer have a bigger picture this season. 

TCU steals a win late, doesn’t fall out of a playoff spot…

BREAKING: TCU is the most overrated team in the country. They don’t play good football, and they certainly don’t play defense. If Texas Tech isn’t ranked, why is TCU ranked? The difference between them is literally a miracle catch and a failed miracle lateral play. Not only am I putting TCU out of my top 10, they’re out of my top 25. They struggled with SMU. They struggled with TTU. The only upside to them being in the playoff is watching them play one of the best defenses in the country and getting rolled. 

Bielema loses again, and his team couldn’t have played better…

Arkansas is a much better team than their record would have you believe. Quarterback Brandon Allen is the real deal and anyone that can play Texas A&M to the end the way Arkansas did is a good team. They simply came up short again. And Arkansas fans need to quit calling for Bielema’s job, it’ll all be just fine. This season will be tough to salvage, but the product on the field is how you should measure this team. Honestly, if Bielema can learn to shut up, the Hogs will have more fans in their games against Alabama, Auburn, and Mississippi. Meanwhile, A&M looks stout and I wouldn’t be shocked if they emerged from the West the way they’re playing. 

Texas victimized by suspect officiating and poor execution late…

More on this later, but Texas was on the receiving end of just poor officiating. The foul count was 16-5 (I think, OKST may have had 6) against Texas. Three of those penalties were taken deliberately by the Cowboys. That’s absurd. It was absurd enough that I ran down the whole film and did an evaluation. They graded out poorly. 

Georgia Tech is a steaming hot pile of garbage…

I don’t have much more than that. Tech lost this game on special teams and garbage offensive execution. Duke is disciplined and Cutcliffe is a good coach. You can’t look past them anymore. Tech didn’t get the memo. 

UCLA looks like a world destroyer…

UCLA has lost major talent for the season and just continue to roll through teams that have shown themselves to be at least half decent. They’re the team to beat in the PAC, and Utah looks to be their only challenger this season. 

Fournette has the best situation of any running back to win the Heisman…

LSU won sloppy against a Syracuse team they just did not want to play. The reason Fournette is in the best situation to win the Heisman as a running back is because LSU has shown they are going to run first and often. Georgia’s Chubb is just as talented, but Richt will be trying to balance it out. LSU can’t balance and will need to ride Fournette’s coat tails to glory. 


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