NFL-What We’re Watching-Week 3


It was a great weekend for all of us here at Bench Points! My Broncos won on Thursday with an incredible defensive performance capped off by a fumble return for the game-winning touchdown. Caleb’s Redskins ran all over the Rams and it was the official coming out party for Matt Jones. Gavin was still riding high from the Gators win on Saturday, and was aware of NFL games taking place on Sunday. Good times for everyone!


As always, here is what I’m watching for heading into Week 3:


  1. E! A! G! uhg! What is going on with the Eagles? The team that looked unstoppable in the preseason, the team that looked like they were going to put up video game numbers has looked terrible. The offensive line has been a swinging gate that defensive linemen have been using to get to Sam Bradford and Demarco Murray on almost every play. Now they must Travel to New York and face a Jets team that has forced 10 turnovers already this season.


  1. F.U. Tour Continues. The New England Patriots appear to be on a mission to destroy everyone in their path just so Roger Goodell will have to hand them another Super Bowl trophy at the end of the year. The Patriots are dissecting defenses and Tom Brady looks like he will throw for about 8,000 yards in doing so. We’ll see what happens if the Pats are up big on the Jags this weekend and don’t take their foot off the gas. It could get ugly.


  1. Is it 2004? Carson Palmer must have found a time machine because he is playing like a young healthy Carson Palmer. Although this version might be even better. The combination of Palmer and his crew of receivers plus Bruce Arians offense looks fantastic. Don’t forget that this was happening last year before Palmer got hurt too. The Cardinals are 15-2 in the last 17 games Palmer has started. With Seattle’s slow start, there could be a new NFC West champ this year. Cards get the Jekyll and Hyde 49er’s this week.


  1. Move over Seahawks? Quick, name the best defense in the NFL? You probably didn’t say the Seahawks. The top two so far have been the New York Jets and Denver Broncos. Aren’t you proud of me for waiting until point #4 to talk about the Broncos? Both defenses have looked strong on all three levels. Both cause a ton of turnovers. And both have led their teams to 2-0 records. It’s only been two weeks so the Seahawks, Bills, and Dolphins might take the crown before it’s over.


  1. Who’s their Backup? Fantasy owners are scrambling after multiple QB’s were injured this week. Tony Romo, Drew Brees, Jay Cutler, and Mathew Stafford all are a little sore or worse today. If you even think about starting a quarterback with the last name of Weeden, McCown, Clausen, or Orlovsky on your fantasy team this week, you should probably look for another hobby.


  1. Bell is Back! Let’s do a little thought experiment. Imagine a football team who has an offense so good that a below average running back can score multiple touchdowns each week. Now picture what would happen if you replace that average running back with perhaps the best running back in the world. The good folks in St Louis get to see exactly that this Sunday. If the Rams focus too much on Lev Bell then I think Antonio Brown might have 300 yards receiving,


  1. Young Guns Shine. We already talked about senior citizens Brady and Palmer. There were a group of young QB’s who hope to build off of their performances on Sunday. Blake Bortles, Jameis Winston, Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr, And Johnny Manziel all looked like actual NFL quarterbacks. I just hope the Browns don’t act like the Browns and bench Manziel for the McCown brother that isn’t in that funny commercial.


  1. Sneaky Good. We already mentioned the Jets and Cardinals as teams that are off to surprising 2-0 starts. But the Falcons and Bengals are sneaky good. They won’t get a lot of attention right now, they will just keep winning games and then whoops, they win their divisions. The Bengals just hope that Andy Dalton forgets that he is Andy Dalton and can maybe win a tough road game at Baltimore. And the Falcons hope the NFL doesn’t discover that Julio Jones is an alien and it’s not fair how good he is.


  1. Match up of the Week: Eagles @ Jets. Chip Kelly needs to find his mojo and maybe score a few points. Won’t be easy against the Jets who appear to be getting more and more confident after shutting down Andrew Luck and the Colts. The Eagles are still alive in a wide-open NFC East and the Jets are keeping pace the Patriots. Should be a good one.


  1. 3 Team Teaser of the Week: Was +4, Ind -3.5, and Atl -2.5 . Sure we didn’t win last week. Who knew Mariota wasn’t the great QB of all time? But this is our week!

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