Bench Points Bettors Pick ‘Em: Week 2 

We are still not yet into conference play for most teams, and there are few good match ups this weekend. Ordinarily, this would be a problem, as lopsided games are easy to pick. This has always been true, and it’s why Vegas invented spread betting. I am assuming a certain familiarity here with this concept. If I think of it at the end, I’ll link to the wiki page the explains spread wagering.  I’m hoping to improve on 9-4 from last week. Let’s get to the games!

Miami -19 at FAU

Miami has a ways to go before they get to be truly competitive, but FAU will prove no test for them whatsoever. Miami is favored by less than three touchdowns. Take the Canes to cover, Brad Kaaya is playing. 

Utah State +13 at Utah

Michigan scored with a minute left to get within a touchdown last week against Utah. The Utes have an even lesser opponent in Utah State. Two touchdowns feels like an easy cover. Of course with that said, this will be decided by a last second field goal. Can’t change it now!

USF +28 at Florida State

Lots of favorites here, Tater. FSU has proven that Golson is great at scoring points against lousy teams. Well, they play another lousy team this weekend in USF. That, coupled with Dalvin Cook getting a steady diet of carries will lead to another monster offensive day for FSU. USF won’t be able to stop it and I doubt they’ll be able to cobble together more than 13 points. Take the Noles. 

OSU -41.5 at Hawaii

I cannot bring it on myself to ignore a nearly 6 touchdown buffer. I wanted to take the Buckeyes, but 41.5 is a lot of points and Hawaii has historically scored. I’m counting on jet lag and pity to help Hawaii beat the spread. 

LSU -4 at Miss St. 

LSU hasn’t played a game yet and that scares people. Add in the fact that it’s Les Miles and even more people get uncomfortable. But I cannot get on board with giving the Bulldogs only 4 points. I’ll take Les with less than a touchdown spread to cover almost any game. 

East Carolina +20.5 at Florida

This line is now 21 which does not change anything for me. Florida’s new offense has high expectations riding on it after demolishing New Mexico State. Additionally, Coach Mac is trying to figure out who to start which means that the starting unit will be deployed longer than usual when a game moves out of reach. With ECU’s QB done for the season, the Pirates will have to play a lot of youth against the Gator defense. Not good. Gators to cover. 

Fresno St. at Ole Miss (Over 55)

The line in this game is Ole Miss -30, at home. Fresno St. just cannot compete. The question isn’t whether Ole Miss will score, but whether they will STOP scoring. Take the over, it’s a surer pick than spotting a team 30. 

Buffalo +19.5 at Penn State

Penn State was embarrassed last week by Temple. That won’t happen again. Hackenberg will likely play the whole game and the team will be fighting to prove that the Temple loss was a fluke. Look for PSU to hang as many points as they can on Buffalo. 20 points should be no problem. 

Houston +13.5 at Louisville

The Fighting Angry Birds played Auburn pretty tough last week. Look for the team to try to improve against a tune up opponent like Houston. Two touchdowns should be no problem. 

App State +19.5 at Clemson

Is this real? Clemson crushes App State by 5 TDs. You heard it here first (but really, this line is awful low.)

Notre Dame -13 at UVA

I’m surprised Vegas is giving the Wahoos more respect than Texas. Well, I’m not, but this is too much respect. I don’t think Notre Dame is particularly overwhelming, but UVA should prove to be no match. The Irish should win by at minimum 2 touchdowns. 

Oregon State at Michigan (Under 46)

Oregon State doesn’t put up points and we all saw Michigan try. I think Blue wins, but the spread is a hard pick. What I do think is that there is no way these teams combine for nearly 7 touchdowns. Take the under. 

Georgia at Vandy (Under 50)

Under under under under under! Derek Mason has a hell of a defense at Vanderbilt, and not much else. Georgia has an obligation to #RTDB which means Chubb will be getting 30 touches. Couple that with the biblical level of ineptitude on the offensive side of the ball for Vandy and you have a game that doesn’t get to 50 total. 

Tulane +30 at Georgia Tech

Make no mistake, Tulane is a far superior opponent than Alcorn State. However, they are still a tune up opponent. Tech is running like a tremendous machine on offense and Tulane is going to get run over. The Jackets are easy to pass on for ACC opponents, but I just don’t think the Green Wave have the athletes to keep this one in the same area code. 30 points is enticing, but stick with the favorite at home. 

Toledo +21 at Arkansas

Noted cupcake schedule hater, Bret Bielema, will have his hands full with covering against Toledo this weekend. Sure, this may be a stick it to Biels pick, but I just don’t have faith Arkansas can beat anyone by more than 3 touchdowns. Feel free to fade me on this one. 

Arizona -11.5 at Nevada

Arizona has lost Scooby Wright for a month. Nevada is no slouch on offense. I believe Zona is in danger of losing this one outright. I’m taking the Nevada plus the points here. 

Middle Tennesee +35.5 at Alabama

Over five touchdowns for a team that is going to rely heavily on Derrick Henry to run the ball and chew the clock. No way. MTSU isn’t on par with Alabama, but I don’t think Bammer is winning by 5 TDs. Simply because they don’t have to. They can control the whole game and not put that many points up. Don’t look too hard for passes either. Gotta take the points here. MTSU to beat. 

Kentucky +8 at S. Carolina

Carolina looked awful last week. But, they’re not losing two years in a row to Big Blue in football. And Spurrier will try to run it up on the Wildcats. Carolina will cover. 

Ball St. +31 at TAMU

A&M huge over Ball State. I’m surprised this game has a spread. I don’t know if BSU will even score. A cover should be no problem. 

Oklahoma -2 at Tennessee

Anytime there is a game this even and I can get the home team plus the points, I will take it. Even with Pig Howard hurt, I just don’t think Stoops will have anything for the Vols. 

Oregon +4 at Mich. St.

Sure, I have Connor Cook as a Heisman finalist, but I’ll take Oregon to beat a spread in almost any game. I think the Ducks win outright, the four points is just gravy. This is a rare great matchup for week 2. Should be a hell of a ballgame. 

Rice +14 at Texas

Texas looked like a bad FCS school against Notre Dame last weekend. Strong took the play calling duties from his OC. I’m not sure who he gave them to, but if Strong is calling plays, Texas may be worse off. At this point I’ll take any team to beat the spread in a game where Texas is favored. 

UCF +19 at Stanford

At this point, I’m not taking UCF to beat anything. Falling to FIU last week was an embarrassment. Stanford will have no problem covering against that team. 

And there you have it. I’m hoping to do as well as last week, but the lines are much tougher now that we’ve seen teams play. There is no telling what will happen, that’s why gambling is stupid. 


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