Top 10 Modern Country Walk-Up Songs

Every single baseball and softball player has thought about what their walk up songs should and would be–for the uninitiated, walk up music is the song played for you at home when you step up to bat. Additionally, players may switch it up throughout their careers, while others may find one song and associate their entire careers with it–think Chipper and Ozzy’s Crazy Train. In light of college and professional base sports being particularly saturating presently, I thought I’d break down a top ten of the best contemporary country walk up songs. Keep in mind that walk up music is usually the chorus in the middle of the song. 

Hang on. Here we go. 

10. Crushin’ It – Brad Paisley

Yes, Brad Paisley’s songs are gimmicky and yes, they are getting worse. But how can you have a song named Crushin’ It not crack the top 10 baseball walk up songs. It’s called Crushin’ It, as in the baseball. No brainer. 

9. Middle of America – Will Hoge

“It’ll be alright, it’s just another night in the middle of America.” The Middle of America is also known as the Heartland, and baseball is revered in the Midwest. This song reminds us that baseball makes everything alright…except for the pitcher. The batter is totally crushing a ball after hearing this song. 

8. My Kinda Party – Jason Aldean

This rocking song fires up the batter with “Let’s get this thing started, it’s my kinda party.” Definitely the perfect song of you are in the 1 hole or leading off an inning. 

7. Small Town Throwdown – Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore, Thomas Rhett

The raw guitar riff in this one is enough to get people to stand up and cheer. Also, the songs about throwing it down at a huge party. What better way to encourage clutch hitting than by reminding the batter of the awesome party that will happen if they win. 

6. Load Up the Bases – Whiskey Falls

Arguably a song written for Jeff Francoeur when he was a young phenom for the Atlanta Braves, Load Up the Bases is a baseball song about a walkoff homerun. It doesn’t get more direct than that!

5. Chicken Fried – Zac Brown Band

Cracking the top 5 is ZBB’s Chicken Fried. This was the group’s breakout hit and is a summer staple, just like baseball. The song is lighthearted but has mega recognition everywhere. Batters walking up to Chicken Fried are immediate crowd favorites, and not just because America is fat and loves fried chicken, which certainly doesn’t hurt. 

4. Can’t Get Away from a Good Time – Logan Mize

This song is a phenomenal reminder to pitchers and fans that it’s not the batter’s fault he’s so good. He just can’t get away from it. It’s also a great summer song to complement the fantastic game of baseball. 

3. Homegrown – Zac Brown Band

Baseball is chock full of homegrown talent. Tons of local guys playing for teams they grew up loving. It’s a nice reminder that baseball players have a tendency to appreciate playing for a hometown crowd more than other professional sports. 

2. Ready Set Roll – Chase Rice

Rice gets the crowd and the batter ready to go with this one. Sure, it has nothing to do with baseball. But no one said these had to be about baseball, dammit!

1. That’s What’s Up – Florida Georgia Line

Confession: I don’t really care for FGL. They are teetering on the edge of even being a country group, and they are fast approaching the status of rednecks making pop music. But, I digress. 
That’s What’s Up is a rocking party song and comes in at number 9 because it’s just one of those songs that gets you amped. Who’s gonna strike out with this song playing?! Exactly. 


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