There’s Something Brewing in Our Nation’s Capital

Last Thursday, the Washington Capitals defeated the New York Rangers in New York to steal home ice advantage. They lost game 2 on Saturday, but they’re heading home for two games in D.C. and if they can defend Verizon Center they could go into game 5 with a 3-1 advantage over the NHL’s best team. If they can win, it will be their first conference finals appearance in the Ovechkin era.

Yesterday the Capitals’ NBA counter-part, the Wizards, became the first franchise in NBA history to win game 1 on the road in four consecutive playoff series. That win was over the number one seed in the Eastern conference, the Atlanta Hawks.

This weekend was also the NFL draft, and the D.C. Skins managed to have a competent draft thanks to new GM Scot McCloughan. In a year where all the mock drafts predicted we would pick a defensive player like Dante Fowler or Leonard Williams, McCloughan chose to draft Brandon Scherff, an offensive lineman. If you’re a Skins fan, then you know how much we needed that. We continued to deal picks in subsequent rounds and have put ourselves to be successful in drafts to come.

Despite their 12-14 start, the Washington Nationals were an overwhelming World Series favorite, and only two games under .500 in a surprisingly competitive NL East, there is still a very realistic chance they could end up on top as long as they address their issues on defense.

Additionally, on the other side of the beltway, despite the turmoil in Baltimore, the Ravens managed to have a successful draft and the Orioles are in a position win back-to-back division titles.

If you’re a Mid-Atlantic sports fan, there is plenty of reason to be excited.

Where’s the wood? Why are you holding your breath? Look at all these eggs! So many chickens!

The Capitals and the Wizards/Bullets have been in the playoffs at the same time…. only six times (1984-1988, 2008). The Bullets made the playoffs once in the 90’s (1996) and that was one of only two years in the 90’s that the Capitals did not qualify (the other being 1999).

The Capitals and the Wizards/Bullets have been in the conference semi-finals at the same time… ONCE. THIS YEAR.

If the Capitals beat the Rangers and the Wizards beat the Hawks, Obama might step down just so he can attend every single game. The atmosphere will be insane. I might quit my job here in Jacksonville and go live with my dad in Waldorf just to be near it.

Can you imagine if there are TWO conference finals series in Washington, and the Nationals and the Orioles can make a run for first place in their divisions.  I’m not sure the Washington Monument can handle another earthquake. It won’t be congress that buries us, it will be sports. Amazing, terrifying, beautiful and wonderful sports.

Remember when the Wizards and the Nationals were the butt of professional sports jokes? I used to want to forget, now I’m trying desperately not to.

Ah, f*** it. I’m with you, Andrew Sharp. Let’s have a Wizard Party!



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