Caleb’s 5 Observations from the Game 1’s

Saturday and Sunday were filled pack full of basketball. Some of it great and some of it ugly. Here are things I thought about the first round.

  1. Anthony Davis is here – During the first half of the Warriors – Pelicans game, I thought The Brow looked a little rusty, and maybe not quite ready for the moment, but he erased those doubts in the second half. There was a brief a moment in the fourth quarter where I thought AD might will his team to a surprise win. I still don’t think the Pelicans have a chance, but Anthony Davis will keep it competitive.
  2. The Wizards should stay small – Paul Pierce at the four was a lineup the Zards didn’t use much during the season, but Toronto had no response to it. As much as I love the tandem of Gortat – Nene down low, Washington should only use one or the other. Besides, Otto Porter on DeRozan should seal this series for the Wizards. Also, the Wizards were awful offensively and still won. Randy Wittman is garbage, but don’t be surprised if the Wizards come out Tuesday and win by double digits.
  3. The Clips might do it – I was counting on the Clippers taking game one, but CP3 seemed to sense the moment last night. He’s an aggressive player, maybe the most, but that aggressiveness doesn’t usually arrive until later in the game when they absolutely need it. Paul started the game aggressive and carried that throughout the game. This is his legacy game and he seems hungry. Also, two Blake posters in one game? On the same guy? WHY IS THIS THE 10:30 GAME?!?
  4. Brooklyn really needs shooters – The Nets dominated where the should have, down low and on the boards, but still seemed to have no life throughout the entire game. Part of this is because they have no one to spread the floor and actually give Lopez and Plumlee space to work. Joe Johnson created a lot of offense in the post, but he was easily doubled because Atlanta didn’t respect Brooklyn’s shooters. If Deron Williams would take the wide open threes instead of passing them away, maybe Brooklyn has a chance.
  5. Dirk is a defensive liability – He’s a legend and hall of fame player, but the way Houston attacked him in the pick and roll was disgusting. James Harden is going to get the rim at will and when he does meet someone, all he has to do is throw it up to Dwight Howard. I picked Houston in 7, but now I’m thinking five. Rondo managed to look decent, but I don’t see how Dallas can compete with how spread out the Rockets are, and how open the lanes are for James Harden. They are a one man team, but nobody can guard Harden, so who cares?

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