NBA Trades We Would’ve Loved to See Happen…

ESPN has this lovely little application on their website called the NBA Trade Machine. It’s fairly intricate, following standard rules of the most recent collective bargaining agreement. The only thing it doesn’t include are draft picks etc, but that’s okay.

Using this machine, we here at Bench Points decided to share with you some trades we would love to see happen this year… but are absolutely certain will not.

Let’s count down from Dream-Like Plausibility to Absolutely Nuts

1. BUCKle Up


Billy has hopped onto the Bucks bandwagon and it seems he’s doing everything in his power to make them a plausible contender in the East. This would give Milwaukee the much needed presence down low (Seriously, Larry Sanders? Are you that lazy?) and a quiet upgrade at the one. Paired with a (healthy) Jabari and the Greek Freak(!!)… who knows. Maybe the Bucks win the Central.

2. Wiggins the Wizard


Paul Pierce fills the three for the Wizards better than Trevor Ariza did last year, and he’s on contract to play next year as well… but Washington needs to start building around the future of Wall and Beal. Kevin Durant is a free agent in 2016 and there are high hopes for bringing him back to his home town… but those hopes are unrealistic. Between his love for OKC and the money required to bring him on (and retain Wall and Beal), the Wizards should start planning elsewhere.

Otto Porter Jr. is a solid prospect and could turn into one of the best small forwards in the league… but he’s no Andrew Wiggins. Trade Porter and Temple for Wiggins and let’s start a dynasty, DC!



Another Billy Blanchard creation, here the Hawks acquire NBA Finals MVP, the monster hands Kawhi Leonard to take their already potent offense. Would Schroder and Sefolosha be enough to pull this off? Of course not. But it would certainly be fun to watch. The only question is… how would he fit in a lineup that already features Paul Millsap spending a lot of time at the 3?

4. Memphis Rose, Riley Smiley


In this scenario, Derrick Rose (though a Chi-Town native) makes a return to Memphis, where he played his college ball. Wade, though a Heat legend, will be able to play for his hometown (also a Chicago native) and Pat Riley smiles coyly as Miami immediately improves on defense and in age. Memphis and Miami would have to throw a lot of picks towards Chicago, but who knows. Maybe it’ll work..

3. Harden’s Return


Okay, Okay, this one is just plain ridiculous, but can you imagine if the best two-guard in the league (Harden) and arguably one of the best power forwards (Aldridge) joined KD and Russ in Oklahoma? I’m really screwing Portland in this trade, but who knows, maybe they could make it work.

It would also shake up the West entirely. You’d have to imagine that no team in the league could compete with OKC the following year and the odds of retaining Kevin Durant would skyrocket.

6. Lakers Retake LA


There’s no explaining this.

7. Zen-Master at Work


Could Phil put it off? Naaaaa…. Or could he?


One thought on “NBA Trades We Would’ve Loved to See Happen…

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  1. Rockets should’ve traded Dwight, he’s just going to walk or we’ll have the same problem AGAIN next year…… Then if that DET pick doesn’t end up being 9-15 we basically gave up D-Mo and Thornton for nothing SMDH


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