Sprint Option: Fire the Committee (Into the Sun)

The table is set for the playoff and other bowl games. The four teams going are Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Washington. If this sounds familiar, it’s because you heard it last week. As you likely ascertained from the title, I am irritated by the result. Now, I promise that I will adhere to logic here; and I will hold out as long as I can. But, today, I write angry. 

That said, let’s get to the Option.

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Aaron It Out: Week 13

We’re heading into the final portion of the NFL season and as an overall fan of the league, things are going great. The Patriots and Packers aren’t as dominant as they have been in years past, and we are watching amazing things unfold in Dallas, Oakland, and New York (the Giants). The playoffs are over a month away and they represent a whole new “season,” but it is not out of the question to expect to see at least one of those three teams in the Super Bowl. It may work out in a totally different way, and the championship may be another snoozer, but I think that it is an exciting time to be an NFL fan and watch the overall league shake out as we progress through the rapidly-ending season.

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Sprint Option: #HateWeek

Well, thank God that’s over. 

I have mixed feelings. On one hand, nothing happened that was too unpredictable. On the other, nothing happened that was too unpredictable. I’m talking in circles. Rivalry weekend spat out little in the way of clarifying the disaster that will eventually befall the playoff committee–I’m anticipating writing a piece about firing them all into the sun when they put Ohio State in over Washington.

I digress. Shall we get to it? 


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Bet the Board: #HateWeek

So, we’ve had a messed up few weeks here at Bench Points, not the least of which involved issues I faced with getting content posted timely. That’s on me. I’m very thankful for Aaron’s weekly NFL column that has kept us all afloat in the past few weeks. That said, BTB is back for hate week and it’s on like Donkey Kong. A subtle note to my readers, I have a couple of homer picks in here. It’s not my fault that Vegas Insider did a great job picking lines this week. We watch football for these storied rivalries. Hopefully, the games don’t let us down this weekend. As always, the visitor is on the left, the picks are bold, and the spread is set in context of the pick.

Let’s Bet the Board!

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Aaron It Out: Week 12

It is a time to be thankful.

Personally, I’m thankful for my family, my friends, my career, and my hobbies. I’m thankful to Gavin for giving me this opportunity and I’m thankful to you readers, whoever you may be, for reading my column every week. It’s a labor of love, a work in progress, and I hope to continue it on far into the future.

I hope that you are able to spend some time with your loved ones, take a well-deserved break, and enjoy Thanksgiving this year. I also hope you don’t mind the truncated introduction – it’s a short week for me. Thanks again for reading, and I hope you are as excited as I am for a weekend of overeating and great football, both on the pro and college levels.
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Aaron It Out: Week 11

The question is an easy one. The answer, not so much. It permeates the atmosphere of Jacksonville, Florida, and makes its way down to about Orlando or so, and up to Savannah, and over to Tallahassee. The question is: How do you fix the Jaguars?It’s not just one thing. No, it’s not just Head Coach Gus Bradley. It’s not just Blake Bortles. It’s not just the play calling, or the defense whiffing on plays. The defense is actually pretty good; the offense is a train wreck. Gus Bradley is living in some sort of fantasy world. It’s a multitude of things and they all need to be addressed.  

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Aaron It Out: Week 10

[Aaron got this to me on November 9th. I have been looking for a time to post it when it wouldn’t get lost in the post-election furor. Unfortunately, that didn’t really happen and now we have games beginning. It starts with me. We’re gonna take a look at the film and try to get better next week. -Editor]

The NFC East is back. Absolutely considered one of the worst divisions in the NFL recently, mostly because of lackluster Cowboys and Redskins teams, I think the NFC East is back to being the best division in football–for now. Can you find any division that has four legitimate playoff contenders? I could see three of the four NFC East teams being in the playoffs this season. Will it shake out that way? I’m not sure, but the only other contender I can see that has a ton of talent is the AFC West – but the schizophrenic nature of the Chargers makes that a hard point to make. The East has its veteran, Super Bowl winning QB, and three younger guns at the helm of its other teams. Those young teams are somewhat hot but the Giants stepped up and came out of their bye with a decisive win against the Eagles last week. The excellent week 1 Cowboys-Giants game remains the only loss on Dak Prescott’s resume at this time, but look to that Week 14 rematch to see who may come out on top. The G-Men are very quietly 5-3 and their next three games look very winnable. The Cowboys only have one loss right now, and that is fine because they are playing lights-out… can it continue? As we enter into double digit weeks of the NFL season, let’s take a quick look at the rest of the league.
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